Power of Body Attack/ Yoga & body pump ;

Thank you love for influencing me the beauty of joining true fitness & glad to know nice earthing instructors around.

Love the hard core cardio where we sweat like no tomorrow. Love Hot yoga where we are able to so full stretch & be flexible in the hot room of 37 degree. Love body pump as im able to push myself all out to train my bicep & tone up body.

Was shocked to see how balloon i am when i look tru the old photos! that was like 3 years ago & now. I’m trying hard to maintain & keep fit till i reach my ideal weight 48kg. Learning the strategy from cs, by eating clean.

Doing cardio exercise really can lower stress level & once you sweat it all out, really will feel damm better. I really enjoy every moment spending time with cs @ the gym :> Today s the new launch with new moves. Kind of tedious but challenging. Nevertheless, the more challenging it is, the more i like it. Gonna challenge myself more so i can fulfill my wish by next month! haha! Ciaos. It was a little good day for me today.
My bicep will be obvious soon! hahah we are watching u! hahah. Good9!!20140415-235818.jpg
Few more kilos to go! I can do it!!! 20140416-000404.jpg


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