Words ;




Have you ever wonder why during childhood time we can be so naive and simple thinking? But now we don’t?

Honestly, i don have many good memories since young. Often i felt that i was neglected by relatives. Cousins were slightly closer than what we used to be. Technology really brought us closer but on the other hand technology also tear people apart.

I treasure all the memories & never forget. I don’t trust people & don’t entrust or share my stuff easily. To some people, i may seems crazy, tough & happy. But deep down, nobody knows what exactly i’m thinking about. Having strong character doesnt mean im strong enough to handle all situation. Ain’t a wonder women, I just want to be normal & happy. But seems hard to find my smile back in this harsh society ever again.

Dear Lalang, will you make my wish come true? Give me a true smile & bless my surrounding people with happiness, will do.

Signing off ;


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