Be a smart women ;

女王 ;
Came across a book named 谢谢你不^爱我 by famous writer 女王。 There it goes… her book summarized how a women should react and do when facing difficult situation in life, friendship & relationship.

** 要做个聪明的女人
** 要正面拒绝

★From her book : 認識你是我的福分,不能在一起是我們的緣分。感謝那些愛我的、不愛我的人,也感謝那些我愛的、我不愛的人,無論他們用何種方式進入或離開我的生命,他們都讓我變成一位更好的人。我喜歡現在的自己,知道自己的不美好,勇敢面對生活中的不美好,有更成熟、坦然,自在的態度,然後這些不美好,讓我成為更美好的人。

Thinking of buying her book ; & this is the first time im so serious & curious about what will happen next. I just flipped & read tru 2 chapters amp; it just simply caught my attention. Thats how wonderful the book is.
★Women shouldn’t be naive & stupid
Not in the mood to blog now ; Ciaos

Signing off ;


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  1. If the book is in English, I’ll definately purchase it! Nvm. You read it as bed time story to me okay? Xinyi mummy 😛

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