What women wants ;

1) Time from their beloved man ;
If your man can sacrifice their time for you day or night. They true-ly deeply madly loving you. Busy / No time should not be an excuses. The matter of “you” in his heart is fairly important. If he sees the importance, he wont lie & give excuses. If he can spare time for any other girls outside, i don see how much this man can treasure you and the 分量 of u in his heart.That depends on the nature of your man. (In my own opinion)

2) Honestly & security ;
Everyone knows lying is a sin. But why people still lie? Alternatively, Its not totally wrong to tell white lies. But this white lies should not bring sorrows in other people’s life. Basic integrity & respect. Women love security from man. If the man can give security now, he could have offer & shower from the start or which ever is earlier? Women, let your partner know what u’re facing as it takes both hand to clap.

3) The effort your man put in to maintain a healthy relationship. Be it with family or couple, love is between the 2 of you. Don’t determine how much you love your partner by kids. Just like watering a pot of plant, who don’t wish to see the plant growing out flowers? Effort to understand, effort to love or even making love, creating the sufficient atmosphere in a relationship.

Every day will be a dating day.

No relationship is perfect, neither is mine. But the effort of 2 being in love & create future tgt matters. Love is appreciating each other’s good point & accepting each other’s bad point.

PS: Yesterday was the first time in our 5yrs of me making breakfast for him. Because of my strict house rule, i do not have the chance to bake / cook nice things. Glad he actually appreciate & love it.
Ain’t a good girlfriend, but i’m learning to be a better one.

& to the problem: I’m learning to forgive & carry on normally in my life. Having high ego & character, i can’t forgive & forget the things that happened & managed. Just felt humiliated. I’m stubborn mainly cos it was handled badly, thoroughly bad. The moment u felt happy, think of how your happiness is created & existed.

I believed thats fate & fated in life.

一個男人愿意給女人多少時間,就是他有多愛你。 一個男人條件再好,他沒有時間陪你,也是多余的。



To be continued ;
With love , Steph


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