Puppet, muppet ;

To determine if the person appreciates you & your presence, from his/her action, behavior, reaction & u will know.

I’m always a puppet in peoples’

There are many passer-by friends in my life. They don’t treasure or appreciate our friendship. If the person does not even felt appreciative means that the person could simply treat u as a passerby in their life. As they don’t even wanna keep in touch with you & even to keep your phone number in their contact list. Prolly just a “pest” ; Thats how “important” you are.

So Just imagine, who are the ones that ignore you when u need them badly? Who are the ones that dump you after making use of you? Who are the ones that let you down despite being the kindest ernest truthful one?

I lost a few of my friends in life that were so closed to me ever. That became a phobia to me whenever i start to meet new people. How am i supposed to know if they are the passer-by or true ones? I regretted for not cherishing our friendship & someone whom was once so dearly to me. Her name is Sandy. We missed the important events in each others’ life & guess it’ll just be awkward to even have a short meet up. Memories are not meant to be forgotten. Its all in my mind & s0ul.


My day ;
Stayed at office till around 7plus to finish up my stuffs ; Ren started the “relationship” conversation with me & hui. He started sharing his stuffs with us. To conclude, container c people carry smiles on their face but doesn’t tally with their heart. (But nobody can ever understand why we put up fake smiles to hide ourselves)

The best thing is to have someone who dote you & treasure you like nobody else ; 20140421-232142.jpg
Sweet stuffs to brighten my day ; Thank you for the awesome food to make me feel slightly better ;>
With Love,


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