Minute ; Seconds ;

April was very bad & disappointing. Is april fool going tru the whole month for me? Dear god, if its a nightmare, please wake me up.

#Mentally stress

I used to have goals & set target for myself on what to achieve for that year. I started to slack & give up on myself. I really felt so tired & tedious on every single thing now.

Every year i tell myself, yeah lxy, u can do it! u can achieve & drive yr dream car – Beetle, u can venture your own business & need not work under anyones’ shadow. I did remind myself & strive to work towards my goal. But what am i doing now? just a puddle of mud. Wheres e motivation?

#I dunno what the shit am i doing now ;


#I pray for the better;
#I pray everyone to be happy;
#I pray everyone dreams come true;


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