Moment like this ;

Moments @ GE ;
Missing the happy moments where we do team-bonding as one; The following image is the dragonball style for teamboding years back, forget is at bangkok or singapore. Probably might not able to find such awesome bonding from any place out there ; The awesome feeling where we can work for the common goal, laugh & play as one. I gave up cos i couldn’t make tru for the whole 3 years. I learned lots of sales techniques and survival skills, no place out there are able to equip & teach me with; Grateful that I learned and i am able to apply it at my current job.

I don’t say i’m 100% in love with my current job, but i do appreciate the chance, the opportunities and trust from customers and K. As far as i could remember, i used to be very lazy at work especially going for my appointments. I find it a hassle to service or to even do documentation filing for my clients. But now, i’m motivated to do it willingly even its not my own customers. By Providing customer with the best advise & service. Once they believed and trusted you, they will come back to me eventually, that’s customer service. I believe is the point of view that changed me,meaning i find life insurance is something that you need to knock people off before they find the importance of it. But for motor insurance, it is different as it is a need and demand to have. I don’t like begging people for something. That could probably hinder my path as a financial planner.


My team, Lancoop, formed by our Surname ;


Memorable times, photos are found at my old blog haha ;




The very first time i put on make up & formal wear ; As a new bird, we learned every single thing and hands on task given. The most mischievous and attitude problem group, i enjoyed every moments with them. Especially my good buddy, alicia.





Roadshow was a disaster to me but nevertheless, team mates were fun! We joke and work at the same time, thats why sales not good! hahaha. I really missed them! Having good memories is important, so even when i leave the company, the thoughts of it makes me smile. GE was a good lesson in my life.

I started working part time at the age of 14. Many teens probably having fun and spending their parents’ money. My dad being the breadwinner from the family, I know i shouldn’t spend or waste his hard earn money. So I rather work and gain exposure & experience myself. I spend money from my own pocket. That’s something i feel proud of.

At least my own success is from my hands and not depending on parents.





This is how i graduated. How can i have good grades when i cover myself with shawl everyday? I started teaching tuition in my poly days. I love teaching despite having worries & phobia on what if the kids did not score well. I don’t like to stress myself up with stuffs, the feeling just sucks. But i am lucky enough to have good tutee and parents.


Life time friend, Life time Partner

My life time sister, Fong. She doted and treasured our friendship. We have know each other for around 8yrs now :> She witnessed my up & down in life, she witnessed how i woo chang and get together with him for 5plus years now. I could be probably start planning my “thank you” speech to all my ex-bfs haha. Thank you for letting me off so i can find someone better yeah. Okay, kind of sarcastic. But i’m glad chang and fong are often there for me when i need someone most.



I took up this tuition at simei cos chang stays there :> Charles was a brilliant but lazy kid, probably he’s in secondary 2 now. Hope hes doing well ; Despite being a naughty boy, he does all my homework & often cheer me up when i’m on the down side.Had been teaching tuition for the past 8 years, I started to miss it. I gave it up due to heavy workload, keep on falling sick as i really don’t have much spare time to rest.



Another lovely tutee, Yrika. K1 years back and now shes already primary 5.
Time flies and we can’t admit that we have grown old.



Best friends for life ; My girls –

We study together, We play music together, We play basketball together, We laugh and have fun together as a group. But as we move on in life, things started to change. Each of us are leading different lives and goals ; Probably having lesser time to meet or even to have chit-chat session. Miss those times we often hang out, especially the girls.




Moments @ work ;

2 years 2 months 4 days working at this automotive industry. I learned many many stuffs. I was taught to control my attitude and way of talking. I am someone whom is very stubborn and short tempered. But i learned to stand at my admin ‘s point of view more now. That somehow makes my work flow more efficient. It is faster and easier by changing ourselves to the environment than changing the whole environment just to suit myself. But some admin really fuck up. Just can’t stand some of their attitude. But what i care most is my pocket, why should i get bothered by witches? * Self comfort *

They are my good buddies, good colleagues.

Things changed. The smile, the laughter, the attitude, its no longer the same. I was really dishearten and disappointed.






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