Saturday 🌹 ;

Out in the morning to mug for my PGI ; Heavy downpour @ town ; Rainy day lazy day.

Chillax Time!- My favorite latte & chicken ham sandwich @ starbucks ; One of the days that i felt slightly better, less emotional, less stressful. But still have one more reloan case to settle before i can have a good rest.

Sometimes i really wonder, why am i working so hard? also not my own business. I was lectured by friends & even admin. They were like telling me, why u work so hard huh? try yr best will do. hmm. 对别人好,就是对自己残忍。Okay, Alright.

Wanted to try 美人锅! But it was fully book! omg. We managed to settle our dinner @ thai express instead :> woo! looking forward to the first musical with chang on July @ RWS! – The Natas cooking!

I’m feeling extremely tired now ; Probably due to the blood donation :<
I need to rest my mind & think of whats going next in my life ; Aimless & muddy. Can i have a time machine?


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