I need a chill pill ;

Blogging at mos burger was a pleasure. Enjoying the nice milk tea, looking at the surrounding, listen to ppl’s small talk & behavior, brainstorming business. Been missing my holiday & time off. Miss those days when life is not hectic & mind not just thinking about money.

Though i’m having my break, i couldnt stop thinking about work, am still replying emails & coordinating through phone calls with customers. Customer trusted you & entrust their problems to you, the feeling just great. They find you is because you can solve their problem. I believe i did it.

Good news of the day. I passed my final PGI & entitled to use the cert SCI (General Insurance) designation. Ponder if this cert came in the correct time? Whats the use of having general insurance cert when i don’t have any plans for myself? Slapping my own face, still a mud.

How i spend my day alone ;
1) Took a peaceful exam
2) Healthy lunch with sis elena
3) Get a file for my cert
4) Baibai @ bugis
5) Shopping
6) Craving for Mos milk tea (Satisfied)
Gonna meet up Luis & Alicia for high carbo dinner later ;
A lot that i draw ;
Am still trying to find the peace of mind & tell myself don’t bother don’t bother. I just need to do my part ; Niang niang gave me the same lot TWICE. This is way too coincidence. Well, I’ll just wait for the right time though i do not know what & which right time niang niang is implying. I believe, what meant to happen will happen, what will come true will come true.

Troubled, Steph
20140430-170421.jpg (Steph from Baby names 😉


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