Hey Monday ;

My report shows i’m okay but i’m still feeling uneasy ; Stress is the root of the cause. Working so hard & that i neglected my health. Sigh. Telling myself not to stress not to stress, it doesn’t seem to help.

Monday dinner with my love, mich. My beloved secondary school soulmate till today. We shared memories, sorrows, happiness & gossip in life. Awesomely girl’s talk :> My girl, am always here for you!

Happy Bday James!
Been a long time since we last met! Bday celebration over at ramen champion! Things might not be the same but the bonding will always be there as long as we gather as one (hopefully).
PS: Everyone have a vulnerable side ; It depends on Whelter or not have we hit the lowest point of life. Once it’s the lowest, life will awaken us.

To be continued;


One comment

  1. 💕 Our date is like an addiction. Make me don’t feel like parting from you! Though UFO don’t always gather, but I believe true friend will always stay as one. It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality spent together. And I’m proud to be in UFO ;>

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