Behaved like Cactus ;

I learned a very good lesson in life. We do things not just for the sake of others but also for the sake of ourselves. Self-protection s relatively important. Sacrifice your surrounding peeps to gain certain issues might be a “solution”. Yeah i learned this valuable lesson from someone i used to respect.

” How do you value trust?”
It’s hard to gain trust from me & if i trusted you, means i really do treasure u & keep this friend in my heart. But once its gone, its gone. The thorn always stay there.

Why Cactus ?
Many Cacti live in dry places & having sharp thorns & skin. They stored water in thick stems for survival. In life, we often put up a strong front, afraid any enemy out there able to “destroy” us easily. Sharp thorns are for self protection. I need to protect myself from this minute onwards.

Away from people that used, hurt, betrayed, malign me. (Extreme mental torture)

But i’m someone who will not make myself unhappy for long. Just need to justify who s the more worthy one.


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