Man & Women & Thoughts ;

Man from Mars, Women from Venus? I find some of the pointers in this book quite true.

Man can’t multi-task yet women able to. Women need to speak at least 15k words a day (cant rmb is it 15k) ; Man are more of a listener & women are more of a speaker. Women voice out their unhappiness while man just need space to sort their thoughts out.

It takes a life time to understand someone ;

Was once naive & childish but who don’t make mistakes in life. My main concern now is to relax & hope my hormones back home. Every problem faced is a lesson in life.

You reap what you sow.

Need to be strong ;
I need to be strong! Body tone & body attack to release my stress by sweating all out! M always feeling insecure & having deep thoughts. Is it the imbalance hormones cause me to have mood swing?

I always wanted & yearn for an elder brother. A brother that will protect me from anything. Well, the fact is i will never have a blood related brother in my life ever. But god was kind enough to give me Chang. My best friend, buddy and boyf. He guided & assisted me in all the small big issues i’m facing. Pondering if i don’t further my studies, sooner or later will have a gap? Hmm, shall not read deep yet.

Guess, life s fated & god had already planned for us.

Selfie before class :> 20140507-000213.jpg
Till next post;


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