Random Bits ;

My second year visiting zaizai’s 大日子over at tampines. This year was much impressive ; Witnessed lion & dragon dance performance & the puppet show. The aunty skillful hand to trigger & manage the string of the puppet, s awesomely interesting :>
My crazy fong ; Favorite sin tua girl!Haha love spending crazy times hanging out with her & cs; 20140509-211131.jpg
还想不通签文的解说;我以为我晓得但还是一窍不通。I don’t know what the shit am i doing or struggling now. Forcing myself to relax hoping my hormones will be back on track; Forcing myself to accept the harsh cruel truth that things are no longer the same & the trust is gone. Telling myself, i was just a bridge to cross over. In addition, I’m not someone that harbor bad intention! Just being very straightforward & thinking, doesn’t like unfair treatment & stuffs. I can’t forget or forgive how people can malign with a peace of mind.

People that doesn’t know you deep enough often got the most to say” Well, its okay to malign me. Time will tell. * self – comfort * 忍一忍!

Alright! lets have a selfie to end the post muahahaa! (eh selfie is also a way to release stress okay)! Been super super tired recently, i deem a good rest. Sigh .

Goodnight people!
Love Steph ;


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