Saturday Joy ;

Having insomnia for quite some time already. Everyday im waking up like ard 4am in the morning + having cramps on my calf :c Living in hell ;

Fruitful saturday;
1) Attended Weili’s body pump over at China Square ; Very familiar with china square :> cos great eastern is just next to it. Many memories of that beautiful place; A place that we, planners used to chill, have lunch, have celebrations together. Those were the times.

Cs and i settled our lunch over at 大路虾面。We both ordered Tom Yum egg noodle & Cai tao kueh (carrot cake) ; Yummy food with awesome company :>
2) Booked our tour package with Famosa after our lunch ; Yes, Redang we are coming for uuuu! As compared to tioman, redang package was slightly more attractive. Price differ probably less than $100? But what pain most was the bus duration. Our first beach travelogue. Dear Clear seawater, sea view, white sand ~ Pls Bring my sorrows away like a wind. It will be good and lovely trip! (definitely)
3) Dessert over at chinatown! I ordered Walnut paste, Gui lin gao & mango roll :> A little desset to kick start before heading to bugis bencoolen ; After which, we had dinner with my parents over at crystal jade ; No much difference as compared to tianfu steamboat.

Happy mothers day mdm wong! :> Hope u enjoy the dinner. Your daughter will never let you down. No matter what happen, she will 100% guarantee plus chop to bring “rice” back home for you all.


Snapppsss over at Truefitness ;
With Love,


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