E for? Elephant ? Not yet ;

Each and everyone of us have a soft trigger spot. This soft spot triggers our emotion & thoughts.That literally, E stands for emotions.

I had dinner with my god parents today. Had been longing to bring them out for dinner & i did it today. Usually i will just visit them once a year, which is during Chinese new year. Since last year, i also visited them during Mid autumn festival. Am trying to visit them more now. I’m the only “daughter” in the family, though we rarely meet up, but they are someone close to my heart since young. I missed lots of moments with my god brothers (3 of them), even when we are all grown up now, distance grown too. Each of us leading individual lives now but glad they are having good prospect career.

Little emotional;
I was a little emotional today. When i thought of how other people able to do what they want, path their own career, i felt happy for them & meanwhile feeling down for myself. Life doesn’t permit me to do things that i like / wanted. I dislike this kinda of life. I have no choice but to accept my fate.

Money? Cert? Happiness? Good colleagues? Freedom? Progression?Whats your thoughts and needs?

Am feeling sick now ; Just need a rest and calm myself ; Good night!
With love,
Steph 20140512-222736.jpg


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