Me & my thinking ;

Received alot of feedback about my maturity level & my way of thinking. I had been thru alot of stuffs & gained experience, lesson on the path i crossed.

I started working as promotor at the age of 15? I’m grateful to have a good boss & her name s Violet. As far as i could remember, she gave me good pay (as compared to others) & little supervision over work. From then, i prefer my work to be carefree & with little supervision. My first advertising product was Mommy Poko Diapers :> Sales was pretty good thou parents having doubt like, Wa 小妹你酱小你会卖baby的东西meh? But surprisingly i know haha! But of cos, when u do sales u need some sales talk & so the best record i did was to clear all the remaining stocks @ the store.

Learning along the way ;

I might be looking strong but actually i’m that emotional and soft hearted. Not much ppl understand how i feel or why am i behaving like this. I don’t know why im feeling lonely at times. The inner part of my soul like being alone. Recently when i browse tru my
contact list, i had second thoughts. I don’t know who to call. Not because i don’t have close friends, just that split second, im lost.

At that moment, i feel like crying. But ever since that incidence, i tell myself, i will not cry easily infront of anyone. I know i can do it.

I miss traveling.


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