Merry Vesak Day!

I had the longest rest & sleep yest! Was way too tired & lie on the bed at around 9plus! I just slept tru out. my goodness.

** Vesak Day **
Cs accompanied me for early praying over at AZ & make our way to truefitness for body pump :>

Photo: Eric teaching body combat ; Don’t know why each time i go for body combat, my arm will ache for the whole of the week haha. So i decided to go once a while haha. Still prefer body pump, body attack & Yoga!
Waffle over @ Gelare before roaming for my swim wear! Suntec renovating here and there, really a hassle to walk one big round just to go for that particular tower. Awesome waffle to brighten our day! Dark chocolate doesnt taste like dark chocolate! It tasted like coconut instead btw i really hate coconut hahah!
I’m craving for tau huey ; Phew


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