# Tough year tough times ;

Recently had been giving “counseling” to my best friends & colleague. But how and where i will have position to counsel or give advise? I can’t manage my life properly too. But well, i’m already trying real hard. Just wish to see my surrounding people happy. But nothing is fair. There bound to have one party that need to suffer.

It’s never easy to maintain a relationship. Most importantly, to understand each other needs & wants. Freedom, understanding, compromising, communication, happiness & love. If theres no love, then no point forcing an episode out.

No point to use tracking system to track your partner. You don’t find it irritating seriously i do. How about getting a leash?

No one is dispensable of anyone. This sentence i will never forget & will never forget how people can be that cruel. Everyone deserve their own lives & happiness.

We choose what we have to walk along with. But make perfect choice with integrity (always)


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