#A day i can’t control myself

I hate people that doesnt know how to appreciate & make most noise. I told myself, seriously its really none of my business & why should i bother. Over concern, perhaps.

The grass is always greener at the other side. I was treated differenly (Mainly cos the 利用价值 is gone). Sub-standard. Its always when u need me, u will beg for it. I’m not a robot, i have feelings. I know every single thing u had done behind. Drive your posh & continue the sorrow. Only materialistic ppl fancy your posh car. Thats how truthful they are.

I used to be ambitious, used to plan business opportunities for myself but now seriously dunno what am i doing. Lose the drive that i used to have, lose the effort & planning i used to plan. I hate you for causing me to be like this. I hate you for destroying every single thing. I just hate you for making my life so miserable. Now, my life s in a mess that i do not know what i want or what i need. You won’t be a good leader ever.

Not because each stuffs i see, i will fancy or crazy over it. I dunno how to look at the bright side as theres no sunshine in my life ever again. It was utterly destroyed.

I regretted very much by giving up allied- my ever dream job of teaching my favorite subject. God must be punishing me now. All because i had signed the appointment letter & last min withdraw myself out from the program. This could be the greatest punishment.

Girls always attitude for a reason ;
Feeling damm sick & upset.


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