# Flyday ;

Am surprised.No reaction is better than having? haha. Had healthy lunch with my cousin :> I do appreciate all precious time with her. When we start to talk bout the “lazy bum” in the family, both of us ‘s reaction is like freaking same! we couldnt tolerate ladies that are soo damm lazy & inconsiderate.But that girl is just a small case. Theres more horrible women than that girl i have seen & i don wish to see it again! Not because i wanna complain & complain. Words can’t explain how i feel. Say liao also like that, might as well keep to myself?

Loots & homemade Pineapple tart from my ah yi :> Wanted to share with them like i usually do. But..
Time for class! Just don wanna think of anything now. Tbc ‘
With love,


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