# Rainy Day – soo aquarius –

When it rained heavily, it doesnt give me very good feeling. I don like to remind myself with bad stuffs & things im phobia of.

Aquarius love water? Kind of true.
This is so me.
#Aquarius will voice their opinions and have the courage to be themselves regardless of what other people think.

It takes alot of dissapointment for an #Aquarius to be “over it”. Truth is, they’ll never care the same amount after that point.

#Aquarians are extremely moody people. #Aquarius are so practical that they can appear emotionless and cold sometimes.

#Aquarius give themselves away when truly in love. When they fully accept being vulnerable and at every guard down, they are in love.

#Aquarians can be your best friend, best worst enemy, best lover, best team player, basically, the BEST at everything.

Nothing gets past an #Aquarius so don’t even waste your time trying to be sneaky or secretive.

Doesn’t matter how long ago the incident was, #Aquarians still want to know what happened.

When an #Aquarius allows you to become intimately close with them, believe you are very special to them.#Aquarius can be very picky about few things. They have high standards.


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