# Its a beautiful day ;

31 May s a special day for chang & i ; We had cycling trip & picnic over at ecp. Thank god for giving us perfect weather that its neither hot nor raining. Good weather with Awesome food of cos. Chang made my fave jap poached boil egg & sandwich. Simple food gave great pleasure! It was my first picnic & i always wanted to! Thank you for making my wish come true! haha. I will always rmb your poached egg, thanks for your effort love.
While waiting for M to get ready, chillax over at Kith cafe! Their drinks are much better than Park lane outlet. Guess its the same shop but operating by different staff. We ordered Water melon juice, Greenapple lychee & earl grey lavender :>

Whats up next, we headed to Carousel – Royal Plaza on Scotts for dinner. Thank you guys for the warmth hospitality and cupcake to sum up the lovely awesome anniversary with us! The food variety s almost the same as buffet town but definitely much better. Their dessert was superb but more of a sweet side. Best for sweet tooth!
Photo taken by Carousel ‘s staff. She present us the beautiful cupcake & volunteer to take photo for us & email us at the end of the dinner. Thats very innovative & heart warming. I don’t mind spending at a place that provide best customer service. 职业病,i can’t stand ppl working at retail/ cust service line & cant take good care of customer needs. Am really surprise & appreciate time spend over there. Shall bring my parents over e next time :> 20140601-232454-84294639.jpg
You had been supportive to the things i wanted.Being a compass & light of my life, guiding me, laughing at me, teasing me (Just to make me grow stronger) No matter how messy my life is, thank you for being there!
Till next post ;


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