# Challenging Cross path ;

Life contradicting ; I love challenges yet love dwelling on comfort zone. Wonder if it happens to everyone or only myself? I decided to take up lesmills course cos i really wanna go extra miles to achieve the fitness & challenge myself out of the comfort zone. I know it ain’t easy to teach & demo at the same time. Since i had took the first step out, i tell myself no tarek no matter what. I need a pass!

I was given chances to explore the outside world but maybe the time is not right for now. Time holding me. I really need to keep calm.

Friend comes in your life & out for a reason. Am always there for my friends but only some will really appreciate. Disheartening? Nope. I have learned not to bother. After having little break in between months, i had calm down & start making plans & path for my messy life. I don’t need people to understand what im doing. Just a few that i am able to TRUST. Probably, i lose trust to the people at work & still can’t get over it. I’m not in your strategy game anymore. Trust is gone.

Wonder soul ;


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