# Human ;

Sometimes in a conversation, we can’t interpret the person’s attitude & the motive behind. We cannot judge a book by it’s cover.

Often, i choose to believe my instinct & the person’s nature. If i doubt that person’s character & is a bad nature, i wont even make friend with him/her from the start. There may be times i believed in the wrong people. So what to do? Suck thumb. Hatred accumulated. I just hate you like no tomorrow.

I had this jerk friend that bastard almost all of his surrounding people. Betrayed all the trust from his dearly
friends yet pretending nothing has happened. Many innocent friends had suffered cause of him. I felt extremely shameful to have him as my friend (once before). A person that never realize his mistakes & gamble all his friends away. Love is nothing. Not as if we don’t have love & we couldnt carry on with our lives. The world is still spinning & will not slow down cos of you. So…. suck thumb once again.

PS: Human nature & character will never change. Just like a leopard will never change its spot. So no matter what you do or how you behave, i will never believe you will change cos him/her. Whatever you do or say will be just bullshitting to me.


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