# Monday super blue ;

Aww man. let me describe my busy blue day ; The moment i stepped into office, i never had chance to have break all the way till lunch hour. Lame jokes cracking along the way. But you never know whats happening next before the calm sea. I start to have phobia.

The Morning rush. I always prepare & plan my day before i start doing my work. Oh well, The to-do-list was a little long today (more than usual). Quotation, invoice, submit loan, quoted a few insurance, do panel marking, coordination to customer’s enquiries etc. But but but, i managed to finish it all before i leave! hoho!
# To release stress! i went to run @ another park connector :> 15mins jogging, 60 Lunges & 20 high knee. My stamina s still not improving. Pretty upset. Any one know any ways to increase stamina faster? hmm.
Same old place but different feeling ;
A random joke of me and ky haha. She told me something about favorites(contact) then realize i’m way below at her contact listing! some more jst infront of hua ge (IC of operations) haha. Not respectful hahahah! so i decided to shift her contact from TOP to BOTTOM HAHA! Anyway the favorite of contact is for my convenience only. If your name is nt inside, it doesnt mean u are not important! hahaha.

Lol the sad truth 😦 没良心!
Till next post ;
Extremely Tired steph


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