# Wednesday I

Been super lethargic at work. Just feeling tired drowsy everyday @ around 4plus arghh. Managed to clear most of the pending case, don’t have much mood to follow up insurance renewal today. Have to hit and achieve my next target $6.5k. Shall achieve whatever target i have first before closing any chapter.

I don’t like people taking me as a reserve or making use of me. Sorry i’m not as stupid as you think. Sometimes i hate myself being such a “detective” and reading too deep at times. Do whatever you want, asshole. Well, self comfort * take it easy *
This Was Your Grandma Idea(1)
Otw for synergy 360! But left ankle s not behaving well now. phew. Please be good, i have to take very good care of body till training date. Woah the guy beside me smell so nice! wonder what perfume is that! haha. love guys wearing perfume! haha that shows how man they are. Always better to smell perfume than body odor right? i had been smelling body odor every single day. my god ! Probably my nose already immune to the smell brrr 20140611-182202-66122021.jpg
Now playing, #很想讨厌你 Very nice song from 单恋双成。Till Next Post ;
Many thoughts, Steph.


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