# World Cup Fever !!!!

Whoooo! My favorite & always looking forward world cup is backkk!! I’m actually more interested in semi & finals. My house used to install sports channel just for soccer & wrestling. So since young, i will watch world cup with dad. As far as i could rmb, we woke up in the mid of the night just to chase the awesome world cup. Didnt get to install due to the expensive package for sports channel. Just super not worth by paying them the amount. So now we have lesser chance to watch soccer tgt already! Go brazil! 永远支持你!:€

Banana Pie is back to town! I was shocked when cs order & bought this! I wanted to eat this badly last year but it was oos for some time! It tasted super nice & similar like Goreng Pisang. Suit my taste bud as its not sweet! :>
My Sweet sweet loots!! No words can describe! Very sweet & warm at heart :> I will try my best to pass that tough course. Not much confidence yet but will strive on! I love all of it! Aus gonna be a great one.
PS: Don’t underestimate me & take me as a chess. In life, nobody will appreciate you as a friend, pal or even biz partner. 量力而为。随心所欲。
Till next post, Steph.


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