# A la la Sunday ;

Seriously i’m wondering why and how this kind of person will exist in this world? 自私自立!只听自己想听的!不论是对或错、只选择心里想要的答案。很多事情、都要先从自己自责开始。把责任指像别人、三指手指在指回你、难道你不知道吗?你所做的一切,问一问自己有没有问心无愧?你不会睡的好、吃的饱!自己的假开心、看你有多幸福。笨的人才会相信。噁心幼稚!Thanks to ur action.


Always feeling good cursing and sweating at 75applepie! well well! Been out early in the morning for the new launch BA85 over at TF ; one word to describe, TOUGH. I barely able to strive tru the whole exercise. Sigh. Feeling disappointed of myself. But i tell myself, nobody able to encourage or pick me up! I have to buck up & motivate myself! I hope i can pull it tru & pass the tough training.

Some stuffs I choose to keep to myself cos i know no one will be standing at my side & why shld i so stupid by sharing it out. Even if you “stand” at my side, each & every issue are just pretending or putting up a show. I had learned from my “mistakes”. All thanks to you. You destroyed your everything. Failed failure. Choose shit then.

Till next post ;
Feeling bastard & angry, Steph.

Dear Maxi bar, please make my muscle recover fast! I have more important thing to do :< 20140615-174606-63966188.jpg


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