# Disappointed yet feeling antagonized ;

I can be as easy going and friendly if you go easy with me. Seriously, i started to doubt your character and the way you handle things. Have you ever do reflection or having thoughts on why people behaved like this? I don’t like explaining myself all the time that you only portrait me as the baddy in the picture. I don’t need to do until that extend. Why you always never think? or you finding excuses for yourself?

I don’t like ppl malign me for nothing, don’t like ppl assume things without having to discuss with me, don’t like ppl to have doubt in me. No trust thats it!In generally, u trusted me but in fact (reality) you are not. Had been doing my work fairly well and being very responsible all the while. Don’t be impartial and bias over these. That makes me doubt your working ability & capability. I’m a lady, not as strong as all of you think, having tough times as well. Please do not treat or think i am a transformer! I have pride and dignity. Think before say or act. I learned, how about you? You are just being selfish, very very very fucking selfish.

First, i don’t beg for any work or gian your job. Don’t need to say until i’m a beggar that needs your job badly. I don’t care whelter u mean it or don’t, it doesnt matter. Whatever things you said and come out from your mouth, till death i will never forget. Not because i’m being revengful. How about standing in my point of view FROM THE VERY VERY START. Who wrong who in the first place? Don’t say things out of anger and regret this and that. I can never swallow and accept the things you had said. AM TOO DISAPPOINTED IN YOU. You’re too good at ANYTHING. Sorry that i couldn’t hit your IQ EQ Mind games. Too tired for anything. You can’t speak or talk nicely to me, i don see why i shld be nice to you either. I can be very harsh but i choose to be lenient ( i’m not like you ), i believe in karma.

Whelter or not is that women block me or you block.. Well it doesn’t matter, cos i don’t bother. But remember this, one day she will destroy your everything (too). In addition, don’t tell me its natural reaction or what so ever. Its way too extreme and don’t make up excuses to survive or pass days. I’m a human and have feelings too!

Same to you:

My Top 3 regrets :

1) Start and stuck at being so responsible towards my work. Working 24/7 for the past, replying and picking up customer’s calls even during weekend.

2) Stay on and rejected my dream job.


Pretty much, i agreed on one thing. You destroyed your own career (too)

Try me.



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