# What a friday ;

Very very bad friday i had. Total breakdown. I always take pride in my work. Not because i need your job badly. Its because i am responsible enough for all customers. Just getting disappointed in every single thing. Shldnt have put in so much effort in the first place. I wonder why outsider appreciate & recognize my effort but own people don’t? Often judge of what u see but how about judging by personality/trust/senses/character? 我很难相信。
Body attack to relief my unhappiness. Feel slightly better aft a good work out. Getting used to the new release. But still have to train hard for burpees, tuck jump, lunges. Tough for me, standard not even there. Sigh.
My boy & his buddy Jia xi! hAha the guy i wanna intro to my breast friend elena! hoho! elena if u are reading this post! he really look like 王注蓝! The tvb guy acted in comedy drama :>
Ate a little too much recently! Thanks to cecile for the yummy goodies! shall spree more loots for her over the weekend. At times when we are feeling down at work, some sweet stuffs & concern from Cecile & ins admin are really great. Talk cock kill time can be a little pleasure. Cs bought Sweet yummy liu sha bao , egg tart & sardine bun from “Yuan Lang”. Not good nor bad!
Till next post,
Tired steph


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