#A good read with edit

1. Personality war –

No mater how good of an actor or how guilty they feel after the fact, in the moment they were fully aware of what they were doing .Action is never a mistake. It is always intentional.

2. Selfish.

In the moment, they were only thinking about their wants and needs. They were ignoring what is good for you and the surroundings. If you stay with them, they could show signs of selfishness in other areas.

3. Embarrassing.

Not that you should care about what other people think, but this person went out of their way to sneak behind your back and do their dirty deeds.
A fool and maybe even thought you were too dumb to find anything out. They did not respect you in the moments.

5. Better than that.

Why waste your time repairing something that is broken when you could find someone who will treat you right and least attitude? not as if you owe this person past life.

There’s no going back to what used to be, but you have to try and create a new normal. You are a prize and something to be treasured.

Take a break and take some time to process the situation alone and don’t jump right into a conclusion.


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