# What a day !

Well, pathetic to hear or know that people thought i actually fake this out. Oh ya! i fake out 4am in the morning for the purpose of not going to work. Think the person love & wanted this answer! (For the person that doubt me) Pretty suay and disappointed on a very bad monday (throwback) ; Fan spoil, humid weather, face swollen! Well done! all come at one shot. Phew. Those who had doubt in me, sry we have no trust anymore. (Bottom left recovering)
Coleslaw before body attack! Struggling to choose between my fave cajun fries, butter biscuit, mashed potato over at Popeye. In the end i choose this haha.
Throwback dinner & teabreak with cs ; Some good and nice food to cheer myself up! Good food with good company! Been super tired & out of patience for the past few days till now!
hais too angry & pekcek! Seriously i wonder why that sales person order me do this do that? not one but two! Nvm! Still rush me and give me date line. Hey seriously, whats wrong with u? Argh!

FOTD! (Food of that day! haha)
Till next post ;
Losing patience Steph


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