# A day at NOM ;

NOM (No Other Meaning) newly opened cafe located at my house area – Macpherson CC. Often love this kind of cafe, with good atmosphere & food.

A cafe that i wish to have! (Bubble)
– Vintage design
– Black White Beige as color theme
– A few swing (seats)
– Only Cakes, Tarts, Coffee & tea serve
Aww man! Any sponsors around?haha

6 of us @ approx $110++; Each of us ordered one main dish, 4cakes & 4drinks. I ordered breakfast rosti :> It was not nicely pan-fry thus its not as crispy than Marche. But its worth trying & mb it suit ur taste bud instead? haha. Something different for rainbow cake – Salted Caramel. What we usually have s the normal chocolate kind. But NOM serve tastier & special Salted Caramel Flavor. We also try lemon tart, chocolate rainbow cake & earl grey cheesecake :> ( Try it )
You’ll find the food tastier when friends “snatching” it with you ahah. Food makes people happier!

My Thanks!
Been having hard time handling people & stuffs. Thanks to Ufos & Cs for bringing me around for good food. Life never gets better without u all! People that trust me & appreciate me, worth my mention & treasure! Special thanks to WH for the goodie from malaysia! U had been nice & good to me all the while! I appreciate alot! Feel great knowing you! May AZY 快高长大、身体健康, 你们一家开心!:> (Probably u may not read this post, but thanks!)

Just too many things happened yet i can’t forgive anyone now. 猫哭耗子!Especially u and her action! Fraaaa!
Till Next Post ;
Sleepy Steph


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