# Eat Clean ;

Been trying hard to eat clean for the past few days! Training date is near the corner! Fire burning butt, have to keep “fit” & “train” hard. Phew ;

Nothing much on my mind now ; Leaving “hatred” aside. Probably after returning from Aus will have to “re-plan” myself again. Whats my plan? Not too sure yet.

Brainstorming ideas of doing some online biz. But still thinking what to do. Actually theres alot of biz around, its whelter u have the interest & effort to plan or not. Just the matter of time & having the right partner. Hmm.

My lunch for the past 2 days ;
Purple carrot juice! But i bought the normal carrot juice:> Super nice & its better than Pokka Carrot ; Not too sweet & its cheap! 20140626-231045-83445010.jpg
Till Next Post ;
Hatred Steph


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