# To remember or not ?

Good memories are meant to be forgotten or to remember? Often i’m having selective memory. Probably many things on my mind, heavy heart. So developed “selective” memory mode haha.

Lovely conversation with my ins admin J right after i came back from Mel :>

J: Omg 你回来了!
Me: Ya haha 我回来了!
J: 那天我梦到你 leh!
Me: haha huh? 梦 about what?
J: 我梦到你 Resign leh! 你不要 resign leh. 我跟 KK 没有办法沟通。
Me: 要和他沟通必须要会通灵
*hand action* ( we both laugh )

Your words comforted me. At least we able to work and liaise things tgt :> Thank You for the assist all the while (though shes not able to see this but i do appreciate ppl that appreciates me)

Feeling restless & tired ;

Short #throwback for Mel ; Will post up Melbourne Trip when i feel better :> My chang had been taking good care of me all the while in Mel. Giving me different exposure to experience & being supportive ;

Also Bringing me to different countries to experience their culture & weather. Not just suggesting but making it come true. (Knowing i wanna have some changes in life) I was disappointed that i didnt present it well. Till today, im still feeling disappointed & fatigue. Thank you for not giving up on me ; Being negative is my virtue all the while but you turn it to positive power to make me grow stronger. The strength & love, i will never forget. Much Love ;


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