# Give & Take

In life, we have to give and take. But how much can you give & how much can you take?

There are many passerby in my life. I can forgive that person probably because he/she did make my life a little miserable.

To forgive someone is also to forgive yourself. Let go of the grudges to make yrself feel and live better ;

The only person i can’t forgive is definitely that asshole. I will never forgive him in my life. Think i did blog about it previously but well, i wont repeat it again :>

I just want to do my work peacefully. Why do you have to cctv till making people around you suffocating? Seriously i can’t understand nor i wanna understand. You want to control, you control it at home. Please save some face for the owner.
Till next post;
Frustrated Steph


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