# Busy bees ;

Yin yoga date ;
Love doing yin! especially attending tracey’s class haha. My idol & shes awesome! Fit & motivating! Attended Yin & hot yoga ; My body just not used to Poh’s Hot yoga. Always half way tru the class i will feel giddy. Brr, sickening.
Missing Bodybalance! Shall be back real soon after i settle my leg problem! IMG_5681.JPG
Handling Bullshit ;
Busy bees with work! Hating miscommunication & bad coordination of workflow. Most important thing is i cannot tahan insensitive people. Especially when my work place is full of xiaoren! (even worse). But im focusing on just doing my part & making sure that they dealing fairly with my stuffs.

For example, just for the sake of a simple thing, they wanted me to get customer to re-sign the application form. Its like hello? hes just a guarantor 3! Plus who the hack is free to come down to counter sign one thing?! Human make mistakes (by chance) or are u sure ur management wont make a single mistake? I’m always giving my customers the best efficiency of work & service. Customers find/choose us because we don’t give them trouble, making them difficult. Likewise, my work place is doing things vice versa. Swee.

Body Attack Launch;
Lovin Track 2 song & Track 6 moves ; but with my condition now, still in doubt if i should attend the training on oct ; Hmm things i look forward is the trainer & its held in sg this time round! But what im afraid most is the beep test & presentation. Have to go tru the nightmare again, isnt easy as you think. But, I really really want to get a pass. Its a pity to give up now after going tru much hmm. IMG_5697.JPG
Happy Mid Autumn!
When we were young, we take lantern play candles. But how about when we gets older? haha we don’t do anything right. Thats happening to me. Just simply work & have simple dinner with family. Dad was kidnapped by his friend & im having romantic dinner with my mom over at Sheng Kee.

Am blessed to have my friend delivering homemade mooncake to my house personally. Thank you Aunty for the effort every year.
Till Next Post ;


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  1. 加油! I’ve faith in you. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. If your leg is better, go for the class and test. You never try, you’ll never know. Since you have the passion in it, i believe you’ll be able to excel. Just don’t stress yourself too much alright? -hugs-

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