#Cafe. waiting. love.

Watched Cafe. waiting. love tgt with fong over the weekend ; Never ever cross my mind of watching this movie. Me & chang often only watch ang moh shows haha. Pretty touching, sweet little bitter scenes of couple that were separated into 2 different world. Wandering soul at cafe waiting for their love! Catch up this movie! This 102 mins will really be an eye opener & witness cool narrative from director 九把刀。
Latte。Had been a part of me (since don’t know when) Been craving for latte recently. Advice not to drink with empty stomach as i’m already feeling a little nausea and giddy! haha But this smooth aroma latte is super worth it! Even if the ice had melted, it s still as good! What makes a good latte is the coffee bean & the brewer. Some coffee bean has those burnt & bitter taste which i don’t like. But this is totally different, rmb to order Ice latte when u get there! No place can fight this Grasso Coffee located at Simei :> Small little cozy place (with not much seats) but is already drawing attention by their signature coffee! Thumbs up!
With Love,
Founder of Trives


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