# One word ;

Im really as tired as Sdc! The tired level and 厌倦 level is super duper high okay. If you have the evidence that the statistic drop drastically, show it out lah. why be a keyboard warrior? kana confront liao then act innocent? #bullshit position you are now!

And to that asshole, define the word respect. Respect my foot respect. Then who is going to respect me? bring her go and see doctor lah. if not a vet! Come on man! if u are fucking so afraid then u come together! Don be a lunatic everyday! I seriously hating u to the very deep far end, corner, last, ending core!

Pardon me for being vulgar other at this space here. I would rather post it here than saying out as no one will be able to feel for me, neither i want ppl to comment any single thing.

Just shut your bloody mouth & be a human!


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