# Hello Saturday Morning ;

I won’t waste any of my time ; Making full use of it ; Blogging when im on the way to see doc for face & bodybalance later; Loving bodybalance esp Taiji ; 1st track of bodybalance is Taiji & its really fun! Looking forward to attend tracey’s class on monday. (hopefully i can wake up)

Hello October! A busy month ahead but it didn’t started well ; I’ll hang on and brave it tru.

Often we see quotes saying ” It’s not that people changed but its the time when we see their true self true color ” Indeed true, i pretty much see how true you are. I appreciate but start to doubt at the same time. I don’t know when u are true & when u pretending. Very sick and tired of it!

Jia Sheng’s bday celebration ;
I’m a superstar there! Girls crowding around me taking photos, wanted me to praise them beautiful etc! They are soooo cute! Hoping to see them again! They really brighten my day!
“The never see cake before looks” Lol
With Ashley, sheena & cute girl yunshin! Hahah. One by one telling me their name but i can’t rmb all !
Yunshin showing double twist behind me! Shes damm cute! hahah! at first i thought shes from china lol. i asked her, where are u from? Lol she replied singapore hahaha. (throw my own face) ; But too bad i can’t be a kindergarden teacher ; Pay too low liao. I need the money & freedom to do the things i want. Life just don give us chance to choose. Need to brainstorm hard for alternatives .Tough life ;

Le Sigh ;


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