#Short post before i zz off ;

Great great weekend for me! Hectic but relaxing. I really laid down all my work this weekend & never had a single thought of it! I am really relaxed. Falling sick soon! Phew. Don fall sick!!Better leave me alone man, its a busy oct and nov ahead. I need to be strong

My awesome Ikea trip with love! Can’t wait for my house to get completed. I love designing & stuffs. Especially get to plan things tgt with love (:

Designing of BTO flat ;
I don’t mind having the same concept as others. Most importantly is being comfortable with the house & the feeling of going home, last but not least – Practical. I love soothing colors like white, sandy beige, black.

Some of the designs that i like ;
For my guest room (:
Don think its a single bed; You can extend it to be a queen bed & alternatively you can treat it as a sofa too! I love this super much! Save space & great design.
* Note ; My dining table to be extendable ; Able to extend to accommodate more kakis! Either with tampered glass or wooden kind! (:
haha so cs, do u like the above design?
Cant wait for 2017! ahem but i 75% confirm nia hor hahaha! 很peach leh 你 Alright, thank u all for reading! Good9 ! Time checked 1254am ;
With Love,


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