# Awesome saturday!

Freshly Baked hokkaido cake from lay khim! Her second attempt! Thank you for bringing it all over to TF (: Good food after CXWORX CUM BODYATTACK. Tedious workout– especially CXWORX but good for core & abs, sore for the whole body! For Those who can’t stand the full hour body attack can try this class instead. Choose a program that suits your body, just like me! hahaha. Lovin’ Body attack, body balance & those core work exercise (:

Body attack – Loving it when it Makes me sweat like no tomorrow. Overcoming the thought of giving up half way & pulling it tru. Felt awesome each time i completed the release.

Bodybalance – Love Track 1 – Taiji! Challenge one self to be soft, relax and calm. Mixture of Yoga, Taiji & pilates. More like a relaxing workout. You will still sweat when it comes to sun salutation & simple core workout. Waiting for the IMT in singapore! Be nice to me (: I will conquer you together with body attack.

Aim to lose 4Kg before CNY15! HAHA. The game starts now! Give me some support!! (:
My handsome HTB (3
Goodnight everyone!
Love Xin


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