# Les Patisseries ;

Busy bees recently! started off to wish all October babies good health & wealth, awesome days ahead! (too many october babies around)

Out for bodypump today over at CSQ (; Weili’s class getting better. I love this class over at CSQ as compare to tampines. First, we don’t need to “snatch” weights. Next, we don’t have to rush in & chop the regular place. (either u get to choose yr ideal place if not right infront of instructor & mirror)

Had awesome Tom Yum egg noodle over at 大陆下面 (: All thanks to my iron, i can’t donate my blood again! Haha! have to wait for another 4 more days in order to test hemoglobin! Only cs managed to donate 😦 Chionging to increase my iron’

#Cafehopping time!
Came across this cafe’s instagram. Pretty much awesome i shld say. Especially the belgium chocolate waffle. The waffle tasted more buttery than those we had outside. Not as chao tar (Burnt) as i thought it will be! Anyway i prefer slightly burnt waffle. But this waffle amazed me! super tasty! we also order Banana walnut ; Not much surprise for this but the quality is there. Its a cozy cafe! But when the crowd starts to flow, u’ll get a little paranoid. Have to rush myself to finish it fast so others can have the seat. haha! (i think im too kind already) Haha.

How much would it cost to open a cozy, comfortable & affordable cafe?
Hahaha! i also wanna start one leh. (starts to dream) HAHA.



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