# I had ;

The advice given was very similar to what im facing. It was a good one & i really have to be calm in dilemma. I know you are listening to me ; I know you will bring me tru & give me the best heaven’s will.

I had made a decision (: Had been striving hard to achieve what i should achieve, giving the best for my customers, ensuring they got the best deal & service. I think i had put in the best best effort in serving my role. My customers appreciation is my best reward already.

As time goes by, this war gets tiring & things changed. Just getting meaningless to bring in business for junk company & that big junk just don’t know how to appreciate. These kind of “big leader” i would rather forsake it & move on. 危言耸听。Continue to dwell in 小人’s words. Dear 小人, Remember what u had plant today. It will be your karma in future. Just the matter of time.

PS: 公道、正义。只有天知。


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