# My grievances ;

Having many grievances & waiting for heaven’s will to revenge for me. I believe what goes around comes around and its the matter of time.

I received customer’s msg and calls. I’m really grateful to them. Lovin the way they showered and recognized my work ability.

Customers are my greatest satisfaction. Those who do not know how to appreciate, its okay (; I know what i am doing. I had never regret on my decision. But what i regret most is the effort i put in and what i had built up.

I know u had put in the greatest effort for the best solution. But i’m really mad and very mad at you. First, if u willing to take the first step out to protect your people. u will not be handicap & throw temper at me over workload now. Who isnt in a mess and pekcek over all these? The path u planned = I dunno what u planning about. I am super duper tired! I have alot of “if” ; I do not want to find excuses for you & to comfort myself. I lose my value if i continue to strive. I have to ponder this question. But deep down, i really do appreciate and same time i hate.

I had learned to think for myself before others ;


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