# Da Di Da La La ;

Defend.Guard.Protect ; How important is it? Probably not an issue anymore. No one knows your little action as sensitive as i do. I already swallowed that big issue, whats worse than that? You better not let him know that little action you did. Well, 人在做天再看.

I had learned to open my fist. No one will learned as much as me & experience as i do. I had been tru this twice (: whats worse ahead? nothing le ba haha.

Great eastern, is a good training ground for me. I had a good leader yet is not my cup of style. This training ground equipped me with warrior skills & sales technique. Fruitful and scary road. I nearly lose my loved ones becos of this job & from then i swear i will not make myself ever poor again.

The second phase. I admit i had a good boss. He gave me great freedom and trust for me to do my stuffs. I am really grateful and greatly appreciate. I do respect you but somehow things happened & i really hate the way u handle things. Not once but twice. Like you said, business is cruel. Am i silly to do all these just to be with my customers & assist them? How silly i am at times. Why am i doing all this? I ponder.

ICE. (Indoor Cycling) really helped! I sweat and im so relaxed after that. I had never been so relax these while! its a good exercise. I know this had been bottled up in me for sometime, time to release all out (:
Love Steph ;


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