# Felt Nothing But . . ;

I felt nothing but just getting disappointed. You can have many million plans but are just empty talk ; U failed to be in many “roles”, i just can’t list out in here.


My flyday with my ufos ;
We made this bbq came true after many years later. Good friends are hard to come by and i really treasure them (: My good sisters and brothers! Though We meet once in the blue moon but our topic are really from heaven and earth.

I can have many friends out there but not many are close to my heart. Probably busy with daily lives & somehow drifted us apart. The earth is still turning N turning. Where will it turn to? Nobody knows.

This break wasn’t a hipcup but a good holiday for me to really think tru what i really want. is my customers that important to me? or am i just any other sales person out there ; I have leads and referral but i have no one to trust or entrust on. To many, its just a dessert. But as this dessert lump together, it became a dessert shop. No matter how it turns out to be, i know i will never give up my small leads & continue to secure them as long as i can & wherever i can.

This is also a notice to serve that i, hold my integrity and dignity up high. I had never do anything that harm & against the policy. Just like what Ky said, 花无白日红. You can go ahead & plan or plot behind my back. There is this one day when heaven will take it all back from you & thats the day when your field starts to get drought. Maybe to some of you, why m i holding my hatred so hard? The ans is no, i don hold it hard. I just want to have a fair treatment and be treated fairly. Most importantly, a human.

My Loves ;
Signed off;


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