# There are many ;

There are many kind of love in this world.

1) Gratitude love
2) True love
3) Substitution love
4) Compromising love

If your love is just to compromise till the end of the world. Then its not true love. How many times can u compromise and compromise? where is the integrity and conscience? I don’t doubt its you that plotted it. But who knows? I can’t trust anyone now. My motive is just to earn $ and to achieve what i want.

Come on, i am not like you. Plan and think of how to get rid of me day and night? U NOT TIRED MEH? I know i have to take it easy now & i shall prove to you guys that u are wrong! damm wrong! I am not a complicated person. I just live by principle & fair treatment. Whoever is good to me, i will treat them as good. But vice versa, i will do back double to you.

What goes around comes around. I always believe in kindness. What you reap is what u sow!


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