# Turning Point ;

Often i don’t like people to “teach” me what to do. I prefer by “guiding” ; Attackers guided me with their quotes of the day and joke entertainment. LK & Jena comforted me before BA today. Though we know each other not long, the effort we maintained this friendship s really something heart warming. Thank you body attack, that keeps me going and free from stress ;

#tbt Our Mohammed Lai Bday ;
I know i can’t find back my smile as before. & deep down, i roughly know what i want to achieve. But it really takes time and courage moving on. No one knows what im going tru exactly. The mental stress to handle gossip, handle that women, handle my cust, handle the “media” is something out of my control (for now). I really hope to have some space & freedom to lead my own life. I am not a celebrity nor a superstar, i don’t need to explain myself further. I just need space.

Just stop spreading nonsense & making the whole issue complicated. I just wanna carry on my life & earn my money.

I’m particularly being low profile in relationship & personal issue. I love my chang & hes the one i’m gonna spend a lifetime with. I don’t need anyone to give me unnecessary comment. Not that i take it to heart, i really find it childish to hear from either you or her. Pretty much redundant i would say. Please move on and on. Life don’t stop by staying put. I really need u to stop everything. If not i guess i will be in much more mental disaster than she is. #pullhair
Signed off,


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