# Rock Bottom ;

I had been always strong in character. They are really forcing me to a corner and i am really really suffocated.

1st Rock ; I finally found customers that trusted me and my service. The satisfaction i found after 5years plus. Insurance had been my forte afterall. But it doesnt last, no one appreciate. Its okay. I give up my cust and my interest. Fine.

2nd Rock ; Being accused, wrong, ratted, betrayed is fine.

3rd Rock ; Because of the word trust, i lose 3 opportunity. I lose my cust, i lose my interest, i lose my opportunity. What do u wan to get from me? Be kind please

Do u feel happier now? Happy for the rest of your life? ARE U HAPPY NOW?? Even if i am out of your life, history will still repeat itself again. & for your info, no sicko will say that they are sick. Real depression ppl will never admit they have depression. Are u acting or gaining sympathy? Seriously, i cant be bothered of what u are feeling now. Its really not my issue and problem. If u can’t walk out of your nightmare then is it my issue? Hello, i am not a guardian angel nor a puppet.



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